What started out with the steel and sugar industries; has now expanded to become a local success story for companies seeking to diversify. We and our employees are excited about whatever else lies in store for us.


O ne of our recent projects involves the setting up of a distillery for ethanol production. Ethanol is an export oriented product, the raw material for this is molasses which is a by-product of sugar and hence it comes from our very own sugar mills. The setting up of the distillery has been the culmination of our desire to achieve complete vertical integration. The future prospects of this distillery include the inclusion of our very own CO2 plant-a by-product of ethanol production. We believe that the initiation of this project will help us foster a sense of community with the local farmers of the region; whose sugar cane crops will be used for value added products in the form of ethanol, hence increasing their revenues.


W e are in the process of setting up a new state of the art project for oil seed processing. Our plant is imported from China and will have an oilseed crushing capacity of 500 TPD. Once completed this will use soya bean, canola seed and sunflower seed as raw material. Our chemical refinery from Desmet and GEA Westfalia has a capacity of 200 TPD, and will process crude oil to produce high quality semi-purified oil.